January 22nd, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

The XR Gallery, a virtual showcase for artworks and immersive experiences powered by Minsar Studio 2.0

Starting on January 21st, the XR gallery will open its (virtual) doors. A space dedicated to designers and artists to showcase their work in AR and VR.

This breakthrough space of a new kind was designed to allow creative professionals, designers and artists to connect with more people and bring them into new universes. Each designer has its own independent gallery. That’s the power of virtual spaces: they are limitless. Designers and artists are free to display their own gallery the way they want.

The XR Gallery is a hub from where you can teleport yourself into different galleries, mini-worlds, immersive universes or exhibitions. Call them whatever you want: each one is unique as they are completely free and virtual. There is no limit and no boundaries. We worked with each artist for this particular launch, but the idea to open the XR gallery to more and more creative individuals.
- Gaetan Cerrillo, Head of Communication & Partnerships at Minsar

A virtual place for designers

We use the power of an immersive experience, in combination with physical and virtual elements, to deliver a completely new experience to showcase artwork. The XR Gallery is a unique opportunity for artists to allow a worldwide audience to see their artwork as if they were in a physical gallery. A website portfolio has never replaced an exhibition in a gallery, but The XR Gallery aims to be the best of both worlds.

It’s also an experimental space for artists and designers to transcend the material boundaries of a physical exhibition, or simply exhibit their 3D work in 3D. It seems logical when you say it but we are so used to having 2D representations (photos or videos) of 3D elements that we’ve completely forgotten that they are made to be experienced in 3D.

The XR Gallery is available in both VR and AR. See the keynote

These creative professionals are already showcasing their artwork in The XR Gallery:

- Ben Elliot,artist
- NDA, artists collective
- Steven Passaro, fashion designer
- Nicolas Barrome, street artist and illustrator - Allan Hamitouche, photographer
...& more to come

The XR Gallery comes with... Minsar Studio 2.0

The XR gallery is designed in Minsar Studio and powered by Minsar Publish Services being released with Minsar Studio 2.0.

It means super cool new no-code features for designers and creative professionals, a breakthrough VR creative studio to design immersive experiences in VR and AR, and new Publish Services to share you content on social media, a browser, your website, or your app.


Minsar Studio was designed to create in full immersion and live the creative experience. Many people claim that creation has no boundaries, but this has become overrated, as in many cases it's simply not true. In fact, every creation is bound by limits: it can be the canvas for the painter, the screen of the computer for a graphic designer or space and weight for a sculptor. Those limits cannot be surpassed.

So we looked elsewhere, a place where material boundaries did not exist, and we actually pushed these boundaries even further. That's where we are coming from with Minsar Studio: it's with this idea in mind that we designed our VR studio. It is a space with no boundaries, where you can grab a statue with your hand, create a shop without being in a shop, make an exhibit without moving priceless paintings, make 2D illustrations levitate in space, and travel anywhere you want from your couch. That's the power of a breakthrough VR studio.

Supported by Oculus Quest 2, launched last October, Minsar Studio in VR is the ideal everyday creative tool for designing AR experiences, effortlessly. See the keynote

A revolutionary no-code creative workflow

When it comes to designing new experiences for your customers, your viewers, or your followers, you always have to undergo a creative process. Digital software and no-code tools help us shorten the path between ideation and sharing. Previously, coding was the only way when it came to creating AR & VR experiences.

We want to offer the opportunity for creating and sharing AR experiences to non-programming skilled creative individuals or agencies using Minsar Studio in AR&VR. Create your assets using your favorite creative software or app (2D graphics, 3D objects, sounds, videos...) and then, launch Minsar Studio on your smartphone/iPad (AR) or your Oculus (VR headset). So what's the next step?

Your creativity has to take up space: you design your experience fully immersed, import your pre-made assets and create interactions for your viewer to experience. You can create 3D business cards, magazines, advertisements, exhibitions, packaging, a virtual e-shop and more.

A powerful sharing platform.

We don't think of Minsar Studio as only a creative tool, but also as a sharing platform. We are proud to say that it is, today, the easiest and fastest way to share an AR experience. You only have to create once and then you can share it wherever you want on your social media, a simple browser, your website, or your app.

We keep it simple: you publish your experience, modify it when you want, publish it again, and it's done! The power of the Minsar Publish Cloud Services allows you to modify your experience as many times as you want to correct mistakes or to make an update.

You are on social media. We are on social media. You can't think about creativity today without thinking about Instagram. It has become a portfolio and "the place to showcase your work with the world" for many artists, designers, and creative agencies. With one button, one export, one .zip file, you've just made an export to Spark AR (by Facebook) to share your experiences as "World Effects" on Instagram or Facebook: a wonderful tool to pimp your Stories or your Lives. See the keynote

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