June 23rd, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Xn Quebec presents a map of +100 Canadian XR creative studios

At the initiative of the cultural services of the French Embassy in Canada and the Consulate General of France in Quebec City, the Alliance Française de Vancouver and Xn Quebec have been working for the past few months on a complete mapping of Canadian creative XR companies.

The map is to find here : https://quebeccanadaxr.co/cartographie-mapping/

Cover: BREATHE by Diego Galafassi

Interactive map of Canadian XR studios

This exhaustive work demonstrates the dynamism of the Canadian provinces in the service of immersive creation, regardless of the field of activity, skills or media. While Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are home to the majority of these studios (72 out of 109), it is important to note that they are located nationwide in every province.


The cartography proposed on line proposes an interactive map with the cards of each company, but also the associated topics and the geographical places :

  • 3DOF (42)
  • 6DOF (50)
  • Artificial Intelligence (35)
  • Exhibition (40)
  • Installations (67)
  • Interactive (72)
  • Augmented Reality (68)
  • Mixed Reality (59)
  • Virtual Reality (81)
  • XR (88)

For each regions :

  • Québec (44)
  • Ontario (28)
  • Colombie-Britannique (19)
  • Alberta (6)
  • Nouveau-Brunswick (4)
  • Saskatchewan (4)
  • Manitoba (3)
  • Nouvelle-Écosse (2)

Expand your address book!

If we all know the productions of studios such as Félix & Paul (and its audio alter ego Headspace), Dpt or NFB (NFB in English), you probably have to discover new faces - and develop common projects! Some examples are to be mentioned

  • THE PASSENGERS, a Franco-Canadian co-production between Produits Frais (Paris) and Couzin Films (Montreal),
  • The prolific studio Dpt collaborates on several international projects, including MARCO & POLO GO ROUND, released in 2021 and already selected in several festivals,
  • Holy City VR incorporated which develops content between Canada and Israel, including the multi-award winning THE HOLY CITY (cqfd),
  • Obviously the National Film Board's portfolio alone would deserve several articles, but find more information on their page; and WE ARE AT HOME and several other experiences in circulation at festivals,
  • At the intersection of video game and film, THE GREAT C was in selection at Venice VR in 2018 and that's just one example of Secret Location productions,
  • Studio PHI (a partner of the Phi Center) is involved in several productions, including the return of CARNE Y ARENA in the U.S. and Canada, and BREATHE presented at Sundance 2020,

And these are just a few examples. The map shows all 109 companies listed (and the list is far from exhaustive), and encourages you to contact them. An initiative to consolidate the XR industry that only asks to be replicated in other territories!

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