December 14th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Everything You Need To Know - Sundance New Frontier 2022

The oldest interactive (new media) festival is back, January 20-30 in Park City. With his "fully biodigital" selection, presented simultaneously on a virtual venue (The Spaceship - launched in 2021), and a free-to-access venue in Park City (The Craft), Sundance makes the best of the Covid-19 situation and confirms its intentions as a global hybrid event.

Sundance's New Frontier Draws Art Lovers into Virtual World (voanews.com)

Inside Sundance’s New Frontier Spaceship, an Interactive XR Experience (moviemaker.com)

How to Socialize at Sundance 2022 from Your Living Room (IndieWire - link)

DIAGNOSIA VR Experience to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival (Broadwayworld - link)

Faye Formisano’s Sundance-Playing VR Project ‘They Dream in My Bones’ Is Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’ (Yahoo - link)

Your Guide to Navigating Sundance’s Bespoke Virtual Hub & New Frontier Experiences (Immerse - link)


Source Sundance Preview: New Frontiers (The Source - link)

Sundance Film Festival 2022: Five New Frontier Highlights (Cool Hunting - link)

Sundance Announces 2022 New Frontier Lineup, Taking Place as a ‘Biodigital’ Hybrid Event (Variety - link)

2022 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier Section To Be Presented At VR Venue And New Park City Destination (Deadline - link)

2022 Sundance Film Festival’s ‘New Frontier’ Debuts Hybrid Virtual “Spaceship” and In-Person Experience (The Hype Magazine - link)

Sundance 2022 unveils plans for New Frontier programme (ScreenDaily - link)

Sundance New Frontier 2022 unveils full details of Online & In-Person venues and activities (XRMust - link)

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