February 22nd, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Recto VRso splits its 2021 edition with two exhibitions, Emergence and Restitution

For its upcoming edition, Recto VRso reinvents itself and reshapes its format by combining a virtual exhibition and a restitution in the physical world.

The 4th edition of the international digital art festival Recto VRso will take place online from 14th to 16th April 2021 in the virtual world of Laval Virtual World. A second part of the festival will be organized in a physical space from 7th to 11th July 2021 during the international exhibition Laval Virtual. For this 2021 edition, a call for applications is launched on the theme: Virtual Exhibition / Real Exhibition - Online art.

In this 4th edition, Recto VRso bursts in time and space. I always try to echo the current context, and this particular period pushes us to imagine new ways to promote and exhibit art. This year, we will highlight virtual artworks, and we and the artists will think on how to exhibit them in the real space.
- Judith Guez, founder and director of Recto VRso

An edition in two steps

> Recto VRso 2021 #1 Virtual: Emergence 14-16 April 2021 in the Laval Virtual World

During 3 days, the virtual event will gather actors from the digital and contemporary scenes: professionals from the art world, artists, researchers, cultural institutions and digital art enthusiasts.

The program: conferences, debates, meetings and exchanges about the issues of art creation and promotion in the Covid era (public reception, exhibiting art in the virtual space...)

Besides, a selection of artworks will be accessible on the Recto VRso official website and during the Laval Virtual World through a virtual exhibition.

> Recto VRso 2021 #2 Physical: Restitution 7-11 July 2021 at the Musée École du jardin de la Perrine during the international exhibition Laval Virtual.

Invited or selected artists will exhibit their artworks in Laval, at the Musée École du jardin de la Perrine. These artistic creations will also be presented in the Recto VRso Virtual Gallery 2021.

Within the scope of the festival, a call for applications is launched on the theme Virtual Exhibition / Real Exhibition - Online art.

Deadline: 20th March 2021 - More information

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