February 11th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Press release: XRMust.com as your primary source of information for narrative and immersive storytelling

It’s a story of virtual encounters. It’s also a project we built around the idea that the XR creative industry needed an online source of information regarding all VR, AR, MR projects and creators. We are just getting started, and we want to continue this journey with you!

Cover: Venice VR 2019

You, as much as us, are, in one way or another, connected with the immersive industry. You may be a festival programmer, a game designer, an experimental digital artist, CEO of a large company or an individual freelancer working from home. All of us love XR experiences, this is what unites us.

XRMust.com is the place where you can find the most relevant information and discussions regarding immersive content, made by the professionals within the industry. We interview festival curators from Sundance to Taiwan, newly discovered artists in South Africa or Germany, top active technologists in Canada. We cover and review film festivals and XR events around the world - See what we can do with you.

But here is where we really make the difference: the XR Database. While Cinema aficionados go to relevant websites to search about their passion in databases, we also are providing the only XR content database on the web. This is an effort to help the whole ecosystem, the developers, producers, distributors and exhibitors.

If you ask anyone in the immersive world, they always say that distribution is the big question mark when it comes to XR content. What if we can help everyone involved in this to know who is who, what is happening, what are the trends? You can be part of it, by sending us information about your current or upcoming projects - even in its early steps. Our database features:

We are building the tools you need to understand the worldwide landscape of narrative XR. You can join us by signing on our newsletter, which we send every Monday. Also, you can subscribe (it’s free!) to our XR Agenda to keep in touch with the next festivals, events and submission deadlines.

Of course this is not without effort, time and money. We opened a new section for sponsored content and features to work with independent and major players of the industry. We are also looking for investors to push our project forward, producing more content and building a better website.

Welcome to XRMust.com. Enjoy!

Mathieu & Fabio

You are a festival curator, producer or artist, contact us! yo@xrmust.com

To add/modify your project or event in the DB: yo@xrmust.com

For business proposal: fabio@xrmust.com

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