November 03rd, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Between VR and Dome distribution, Hubblo Immersion is currently looking for new projects!

Hubblo Immersion is happy to announce the arrival of our eight meter diameter by four meter high mobile dome. Arriving soon, our new customizable application for Oculus. We are now able to diffuse content throughout the province, the country and eventually, the surrounding countries.

We are currently diffusing TERRITORIES OF THE AMERICAS by Patrick Bossé all over the province. We just came back from the Dome Fest West 2021 where IN THE LAND OF THE FLABBY SCHNOOK by Francis Gélinas won two prestigious prices, including best short film of the selection Best of Earth 2021.

Hubblo Immersion is distinguished by its two-pronged approach to the exploitation of new media works. First, the distribution under license of immersive works for diffusion in planetarium, dome, digital platform, museum or any other adapted environment. Second, the diffusion, with our mobile installations and our virtual reality helmets that are brought to the public in specific and favourable locations for the experience.

HUBBLO is an initiative from the Montreal producer behind Fig55 to address the explosive worldwide production of immersive and interactive experiences. With its unique experience in 360° film production and its strong network of international contacts, Fig55 represents with HUBBLO the first and most important turnkey offer for the immersive works market.
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LANDS OF AMERICA now showcased at SAT Montréal

Being now fully operational, we are able to export your projects here and elsewhere internationally with your preferred platform.

As a distributor, our mission is to create the first pole exclusively dedicated to 360° works (Fulldome), immersive installations, interactive experiences, and virtual and augmented reality, in order to distribute and support their diffusion in North America and internationally. We wish to promote Quebec new media content and artists on the territory.


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