March 05th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

First XR innovation Week by Immersive Tech Africa

Immersive Tech Africa introduces yet another medium to evangelize and democratize extended reality technologies in Africa, the sequel to the XR insight sessions last year, to establish the technology in Africa and develop solutions that are in line with the achievement of the UN 2030 SDG’s

The first edition of the XR innovation week focuses on sectors in the XR space that have witnessed much activity over the past seven years, showcasing the best innovations, experiences and inspiring the next generation of content developers for Extended Reality (XR).

This innovation brings together a collective of XR Keynote speakers, Thought Leaders, Innovators and Enthusiasts within Africa and across the world, making impact.

The XR Innovation Week by Immersive Tech Africa is a unique opportunity to bring together a community of African & global leaders, sharing their insights and experiences with virtual reality, mixed and augmented reality to showcase the best XR solutions.

The goal at Immersive Tech Africa is to bring together a thriving XR community across the world, building meaningful connections between XR leaders with the aim of exchanging ideas and connections within the industry.

All activities during the innovation week will comprise of two main key points.

  1. Sharing XR insights & Solutions / The XR innovation will engage speakers by sharing presentations, fireside chats, panels with full interactivity, including live Q&A and audience engagements.
  2. Virtual XR startup showcase / Engage with thriving XR developers, startups, creating unique solutions with XR for education, health, tourism, enterprise, training and media.

The first edition will have 25 experts’ speakers, 15 startup showcases, and over 500 expected attendees.

Scheduled to hold between the 25th to 27th of March 2021, the innovation week will be hosted virtually and live-streamed to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Immersive Tech Africa, a creative social enterprise that leverages Extended Reality (XR) technologies to create impact-driven solutions with a thriving XR community across Africa

We are passionate about using XR for social good with the combination of technical, business, academic excellence; having extensive experience in the social sector, together; we leverage extended reality technology to showcase initiatives with high social impact for the youths in Africa want to get started with XR.

Our passionate, award-winning team of artists, engineers, designers, and writers worldwide transform everyday reality, developing innovative solutions in the extended reality space.


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