January 09th, 2023 | by Mathieu Gayet

EXCLUSIVE! The all-new Depthkit Studio - making volumetric video capture 10x faster - is now available

New Depthkit Studio release is available now, featuring enhancements for fast hardware configuration and multi-camera calibration.

Today, leading volumetric video software developer, Scatter released updates to Depthkit Studio (link) that makes it 10x faster to set up a capture stage. Depthkit is the most widely used software for volumetric videos. Since its initial release in 2013, creators have made thousands of visual effects and interactive media projects with Depthkit. Depthkit Studio, Scatter’s flagship product, is the most cost effective professional-grade option on the market because it utilizes a consumer PC and just ten or fewer depth sensors. Competing solutions require professional servers and as many as a hundred cameras to achieve similar results.

Today’s updates make Depthkit the easiest professional-grade volumetric video software to set up. The release makes capture hardware configuration and calibration ten times faster. Reduced setup time cuts down on production costs leading to higher customer ROI. This allows for creators to do more on-location capture and make more content.

“Scatter has responded directly to the Depthkit user community’s feedback and sped up the first mile of Depthkit Studio an order of magnitude for new and experienced users alike. Today’s release is a major step forward for the creative community making interactive 3D and XR projects. Now that Depthkit Studio is ten times faster to set up, it will allow even more incredible creators to make volumetric video projects.”
- James George, Co-Founder and CEO at Scatter

Features and benefits of the new Depthkit Studio release include:

  • Completely new algorithm for volumetric video real time visualization and diagnostics ensure quality calibration.
  • Smartphone-powered remote control interface enabling solo operators to set up quickly on location.
  • Hardware status display to instantly identify misconfigurations and eliminate hours of potential hardware debugging.

The new Depthkit Studio is available starting today for all current subscribers at no additional cost. Depthkit Studio is available by subscription for $3,000/mo which enables unlimited volumetric video content capture and live streaming. Academic and non-profit pricing is available upon request.

For a complete description of the latest release visit the company’s release announcement here. Product information on Scatter’s Depthkit Studio is available here: http://depthkit.tv/depthkit-studio. Contact sales@depthkit.tv to schedule a live demonstration.


See previous interviews with creators using Depthkit:

About Scatter:

Scatter’s software product, Depthkit, is the most widely used solution for creating volumetric video human holograms. Depthkit provides a portable and affordable way to produce high quality volumetric video content and livestreams with self-serve software and minimal off-the-shelf hardware. Depthkit is used by the world’s leading XR pioneers, creatives and companies alike. Customers include Accenture, HTC, Ernst & Young as well as thousands of individual artists and creative studios.

Scatter was founded by pioneers of volumetric video content and tools creation. Scatter was awarded an Emmy for their original virtual reality production Zero Days VR (2017) and nominated for a second with The Changing Same (2021). CEO and Co-Founder James George was the first artist in residence at Microsoft Research.

Cover image: GONE TO MARS VR, Featuring Nikki Giovanni

Rada Studio, Department of English at Virginia Tech

Production stage: in development.

Key credits: Nikki Giovanni, Joe Brewster, Michèle Stephenson, Idris Brewster, Nikita Shokhov, Tyechia Thompson, Jarobi Moorhead.

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