July 1, 2022

“GENESIS holds many firsts for us” - Maria and Jörg Courtial (Faber Courtial)

Founded by Maria & Jörg Courtial, the German production company Faber Courtial is one of the most prolific XR companies in Germany in the production of premium immersive content. After a double trip …

June 30, 2022

SPACE EXPLORERS: ARTEMIS ASCENDING will take Felix & Paul Studios to the moon

SPACE EXPLORERS: ARTEMIS ASCENDING to be broadcast on Meta Quest Horizon Worlds, on Facebook 360 and in person in 100+ Domes and Planetariums worldwide.

June 26, 2022

WIP Annecy 2022 / A look at WALLACE & GROMIT: THE GRAND GETAWAY with Aardman, Atlas V, No Ghost

This year XR@Annecy offered 3 work-in-progress sessions on XR experiences currently in production. Headliners were the protagonists of one of the projects presented: Wallace & Gromit! The talents pre…

June 20, 2022

“Our priority is to create our experiences for a general audience in cultural venues” - Arnaud Desjardins (Femme Fatale Studio)

From web creation to immersive experiences, Femme Fatale Studio is a collective of French artists and developers built around a common passion for images and digital. Focus on this young creative stu…

June 17, 2022

“This year we have received many XR impact works” - Yves Nougarède, Gala Frecon (Annecy Film Festival)

The sun was out for the return of a very physical Annecy festival, the most important worldwide meeting for animation professionals. The festival and its market, the MIFA, were fully booked for this …

June 16, 2022

"AR as a way to reach a wider audience" - Julian Dorado, Camila Marturano (IAGO: THE GREEN EYED MONSTER)

Presented at Tribeca Immersive 2022, IAGO: The Green Eyed Monster is a prequel to Shakespeare's Othello that uses music and AR to turn the tables and offer a different perspective on the main antagon…

June 14, 2022

Review⎪LUSTRATION: connecting mainstream audiences to immersive stories

Lustration VR is a 4-episode virtual reality series made using Quill and available on Oculus TV that will blow your mind with its intricate plot and fantasy/noir content. A production in which the vi…

June 11, 2022

“Making a 5 episode VR series was an epic production challenge!” - Oriane Hurard, Clement Deneux (MISSING PICTURES)

Several years ago, Atlas V initiated an extraordinary project: to propose a virtual reality series about great filmmakers who would tell about their abandoned projects. Documentary anthology that ded…

June 9, 2022

"Redefining the relationship between IRL, online and VR components" - Ana Brzezińska (Tribeca Immersive)

An exciting new edition of the Tribeca Film Festival kicks off today, with an immersive section that reflects the artistic tradition of this festival, but also looks at the connection between immersi…

June 7, 2022

"Immersive industry grows in contact with traditional cultural institutions" - Stéphane Malagnac (PiXii - Sunny Side of the Doc)

The PiXii Festival is back this year for another 100% physical edition in La Rochelle. Event dedicated to the documentary creation, PiXii has not failed since the health crisis by offering a program …

June 1, 2022

Tribeca and SXSW XR alumni BREONNA'S GARDEN continues its journey across the US

Last year, in solidarity with Breonna Taylor's family, artist and curator Lady Pheønix developed BREONNA'S GARDEN, a revolutionary framework for veneration through augmented reality (AR). What began …

May 30, 2022

A new study by Quebec/Canada XR takes a unique look at the current state of the XR creative ecosystem

After an unveiling at SODEC's pavillon Québec créatif in the heart of the International Village of the Marché du Film of the Festival de Cannes last Sunday, the Québec/Canada XR study Crafting a Mark…

May 24, 2022

A new VR work from Georgia at La Biennale di Venezia: I PITY THE GARDEN (by Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze)

I PITY THE GARDEN by Tbilisi-based artist duo Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze is an immersive artwork about a premonition of the end. Through large-scale video installation and VR experience,…

May 22, 2022

Immersive studio Giioii is adapting theater XR performance WELCOME TO RESPITE for Korea

Digital Broadway emerges as pioneers in the VR theater world team up to bring a show that originated in English to a Korean speaking audience.

May 12, 2022

“With the Cannes experience on Fortnite, we open the festival to a new connected generation” - Adrien Torres (Brut)

For its 75th anniversary, the Cannes Film Festival renews its media partners, and starts a collaboration with a new French duo: France Télévisions and Brut. The air and the web complement each other …

May 12, 2022

Faster, stronger, better: the Belgian XR ecosystem strengthens its attractiveness with the creation of the XR Valley association

Cederik Haverbeke took the floor at the Advanced Engineering event in Antwerp Expo to officially launch the XR Valley association. He has great ambitions for this association, as he explained on Wedn…