The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness

25 min
1 episode
‘The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness’ invites the audience on an emotional journey through fragmentary musical phrases, in a multi-voiced choral piece livestreamed in VR.

The choral piece ‘The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness’ addresses the stigma of loneliness in a time engrossed in social media, self-staging, “likes” and virtual friends. The piece is a performative study and manifestation of isolation and loneliness created by artist duo Philip|Schneider and installation artist Hans Rosenström. The work started in Stockholm in 2019, before anyone knew that there was something called COVID-19, and without knowing how relevant this topic would become. In the light of the current situation, the boundaries between people have changed their character – distanced in body, but connected in thought by the new common pandemic reality. In 2020 the work was performed in Vega as part of Vega Arts. At CPH:DOX the piece is transformed into a live VR experience by director Andreas Kofoed. In the VR format, the physical experience of the voices takes the feeling of loneliness and isolation even further, but also enhances the sensation of human contact. The room is dark, a black box. In an island of light, the singers move in and out. As audience you will alternate between being completely alone in the room to slowly be surrounded by the singers until they are almost too close – and then to be left again.

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Type :
Live Performance

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Crew & cast

Cinematographer :
Adam Jandrup , Christopher Schnoor