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VRDays Europe is back in 2020 with a complete program for XR contents

Storytelling is at the core of every VR/AR experience, whether we are talking about a training exercise, research mechanism or business application. At VRDays Europe 6, Church of VR is offering the most innovative and immersive way to experience storytelling.

Artists inspire us, overcome cultural barriers, change our perspective, surprise us and reinforce belief in the future of immersive technologies. We want to show Europe is a creative leader in the world of VR/AR.
- Benjamin DeWit, founder and director of VRDays

Church of VR… in VR!

On November 4-6, artists and content creators will have the chance to exhibit at Church of VR (link). Particularly as this year, the projects and artworks will be presented in Virtual Reality! About 15 interactive works and 20-ish 360 projects are expected.

This year at VRDays, the Church of VR becomes a complete virtual reality experience where visitors interact with immersive creations from their living room or office, sharing with friends and family. At the Church of VR, you have the opportunity of showcasing your creative projects of 2020; fully immersed in VR. Be one of the best VR/AR works that we will choose for our visitors!
- Nikki van Sprundel, Head of Church of VR jury.

Virtual ceremony but real awards

Winners will be announced at the VR Days 2020 Award Night on Wednesday, November 4 (link). The selected works will be rewarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Halo. Each year one ‘Diamond Halo’ will be given to the best among the Golden Halo’s, and there will be an audience vote for the ‘Heavenly Halo’. There are 10 different categories:

  • Business
    • Best Training Application
    • Best Co-Working Application
    • Best Industrial Application
  • Science
    • Best Education Application
    • Best Therapy Application
    • Best Research Application
  • Art
    • Best Non-fiction
    • Best Fiction
    • Best Game
  • Special New Horizons Award

Art + Science + Business

On November 4-5, three different events are organised: IFM Content, IFM Research and IFM Startup (link). Each event consists of a pitching session and matchmade 1-to-1 meetings. 

  • IFM StartUp supports tech startups and scaleups by matching them to investors during the XRBASE Investor Event
  • IFM Content matches XR narrative content creators with financiers, producers and distributors in collaboration with IFFR
  • IFM Research is all about connecting aspiring and accomplished researchers with corporate and institutional investors and vice versa.
This year, it’s the first edition of IFM Research, where we connect researchers in immersive technologies with government corporations that have projects that lead to new research insights.
- Benjamin DeWit, founder and director of VRDays

The most immersive event of 2020

VRDays Europe is an annual 3-day conference and exhibition on VR/AR/MR content, creativity and innovation. Our mission is to unite the XR community, inspire creative minds and drive business forward. VRDays Europe builds bridges between business, science and art. We invite the brightest minds and global visionaries to share their cutting-edge insights into one of the world’s fastest growing industries: immersive technology.  


As everyone on the planet can imagine right now, this year is different. VRDays will pull out all stops to become the most immersive event of 2020, with the help and expertise of the very established Laval Virtual. 


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