March 17th, 2023 | by Mathieu Gayet

Live from St. Louis at USITT, with Brendan Bradley and his latest show NPC!

The boundaries between physical experience and live performance become blurred when dealing with immersive technologies. This week we bring you an exclusive presentation of the latest show from comedian and producer Brendan Bradley who is performing his latest show NON-PLAYER CHARACTER during USITT in St. Louis.


A unique opportunity to discover "Non-Player Character"

From Brendan Bradley’s pioneering work in virtual reality storytelling comes a 🅻🅸🆅🅴 interactive musical inside your web browser where you can control the adventure. When a video game hero dies , the audience must guide a Non - Player Character (performed by a live, singing actor) through five virtual worlds of their grief, either as “Participants” in VR headset on stage or “Spectators” watching on the big screen.

Live performance on March 17 is part of the USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) show.

Brendan Bradley (@brendanAbradley) is a multi-award winning Creative Futurist (actor, writer, director and producer) who expanded his art into performance capture, voiceover and XR/VR technologies for live virtual performance. He is known as “America’s Scrappy Storyteller” making and supporting micro-budget projects and storytellers without access to traditional resources and audiences. 

During the 2020 shutdown, Brendan release free tools and tutorials for creators trapped at home, earning him recognition as a pioneer in live virtual reality events and performance, most notably the #FutureStages, 5th Wall Forum and OnBoardXR. Brendan’s VR play, Jettison, was a Finalist for the Producers Guild of America’s Innovation Award and he currently stars in the VR plays Gumball Dreams and Non-Player Character, performing both virtually and in-person at festivals and venues around the world. 

“We allow anyone to bring their creative practice into XR for the first time” - Brendan Bradley (OnBoardXR)

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