March 22nd, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Submit your project for the VeeR Future Award 2021 at CANNES XR

Cannes XR, the program from Marché du Film dedicated to immersive cinematographic contents and technologies, is glad to announce its partnership with VeeR, a leading global VR content platform. VeeR invites artists worldwide to submit works for competition at VeeR VR Cinema at Cannes XR this year.

As a cornerstone of Cannes XR, VeeR VR Cinema will feature a selection of the most immersive, compelling and innovative VR works to celebrate each creator's achievements in VR storytelling. At a time when an unprecedented global pandemic has brought us enormous challenges, VeeR and Cannes XR hope to bring the VR community together, to open a new chapter of VR storytelling and to embrace opportunities for the VR industry in the future.

This year, VeeR VR Cinema has expanded from 360 films to both 3DOF and 6DOF VR experiences. The selected VR works will be showcased during the Cannes XR virtual showcase and will voluntarily participate in offline showcases in China (with exhibition fee offered by VeeR). The showcases are aimed to bring VR projects and teams to more investors, media and audiences. Two winners will be presented with the VeeR Future Award for Best VR Story and Best VR Interactive Experience, and will each be awarded with 1000 USD and a Premium Distribution Package. Submissions open on March 22nd.

We are very proud to present together with VeeR a selection of the best XR narrative contents. VeeR is a leader in the XR sector and a strong partner of the Marché du Film and of Cannes XR. Through this partnership, we are highlighting the strong links between the XR community and the film industry.
- Jérôme Paillard, Executive director of the Marché du Film

"This is our second year collaborating with Cannes XR. Last year, as the sole Chinese partner of Cannes XR, we hosted both world-wide online exhibitions and local offline exhibitions in China. The showcase brought top-tier VR works to VR communities and beyond, attracting attention from the film industry, tech companies and investors. We received encouraging feedback from the audience, and collaborated with respected organizations to distribute the selected VR works. This year, we are very excited to announce that we'll expand the selection from 3DOF to 6DOF VR content, aiming to showcase a wider range of talented works to a global audience and keep pushing the boundary of immersive storytelling. We've been working on a scalable solution to distribute 6DOF content for the past year. Our Zerospace VR cinema is now fully ready to showcase 6DOF content, and soon our online platform VeeR is going to support 6DOF as well. I cannot wait to see the immersive creation this year. Together with Cannes XR, we'll keep supporting immersive storytellers and bringing their works to a wider market." says Jingshu Chen, Co-founder of VeeR.

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