April 08th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Recto VRso 2021 welcomes +30 immersive artists in the Laval Virtual World (April 14-16)

In a necessarily uncertain health context, Laval Virtual proposes this year a bet two times adapted to the circumstances for Recto VRso, its digital art festival which celebrates this year its 4th edition. If we can enjoy an online edition April 14-16 (Virtual: Emergence in the Laval Virtual World), we have an appointment July 7-11 for a very physical event (Physical: Restitution). Twice as many chances to discuss immersive creation, trends and innovation on the artists' side!

Cover: INTROSPEXION (Nataliya Velykanova)

Theme 2021: Virtual Exhibition / Real Exhibition

“Since the 1960s, the art of participation has been changing the relationship between the spectator and the artwork. This relationship is constantly evolving and changing with the emergence of the digital. In 2021, the theme "Virtual Exhibition / Real Exhibition" seeks to explore those ideas and question the multiplicity of online art, especially during this particular context of the health crisis. We are actually witnessing the emergence of many adaptations of virtual spaces and platforms designed for both artistic creation and exhibition. How can we implement a real exhibition into a virtual space? Or, how to present virtual artworks in real spaces?” (official website)

This first part of Recto VRso starts next week, 14-16 of April in the Laval Virtual World. You can register there: https://rectovrso.laval-virtual.com


Recto VRso 2021 Selection

+30 artworks will be presented. Here are the first ones:

The complete selection

IRON PILE (Thomas Watson & Sarah Badr / Commonolitihc & FRKTL)

2021 Conferences

  • Remote Digital Art, Today’s Challenges with Maurice Benayoun (Univ. HK), Peggy Schoenegge (Peer to space), Maxence Grugier - moderated by Elhem Younes and Judith Guez
  • Hybrid Museums - A new emerging reality with the global pandemic with Roei Amit (RMN), Paul Chaine (Château de Versailles), Soh Yeong Roh (Art Center Nabi), Valentino Catricala (SODA Gallery) - moderated by Urszula Gleisner
  • Making Lemonade (event partner): Digital opportunities for visual arts
  • Today’s Art Curation - Virtual Exhibition / Real Exhibition with Myriam Achard (Centre Phi), Julie Walsh (Curator), Giorgio Vitale (Synthesis Galerie), Valérie Hasson-Benillouche (galerie Charlot), Céline Thomas (Artiste-chercheure) - moderated by Elhem Younes and Judith Guez
  • Online Art: Research & Creation: Panel Université, Panel Projet exposition virtuelle artistique, Making Lemonade (Partner)
  • Making Lemonade’s final conference (event partner): which way to go?
  • Online Art: Creation and Adaptation with Beth Kate, Helen Varley Jamieson, Artistes Recto VRso 2021
  • Digital Art Festivals: Ars Electronica, FIAV, VRHAM, VRDAYS, STEREOLUX

More informations on the official website

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