October 06th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

Montreal welcomes the PHI-IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY, an annual residency for XR artists or collectives

PHI-IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY is an annual eight-week program that specializes in the developmental phases of an immersive or interactive artwork.

The recipient will receive personalized support throughout the process and the tools necessary to develop and elaborate their concept to prepare the project for production and search for financing. Local and international artists or small production companies with established or emerging careers are encouraged to apply.

Continuing to build on the foundation of new PHI residency programs inaugurated in 2021, PHI-NORTH and PHI-MONTREAL, we will start 2022 with PHI-IMMERSIVE, an annual residency dedicated to uplifting and cultivating the next generation of immersive storytellers as of January 11, 2022.

Through collaborations with artists, producers, and partners, PHI has established a reputation for creating multidisciplinary immersive experiences. Our organization hopes to continue to support the global field of new media art and share our expertise and resources with artists around the world.

For more information, eligibility requirements, selection process, and to submit an application, visit our website.

Submit your application by November 1st, 2021.

PHI Residencies

To reiterate its commitment to supporting artistic communities working in the digital environment and in a desire to help shape the art of tomorrow, PHI is inaugurating three cultural residency programs. Although they meet different needs among artists, they share the joint mission of helping, accompanying, and giving them the necessary to broaden their practice scope.

Last year, PHI launched Parallel Lines, its first virtual residency, celebrating 10 artists from various disciplines during the first confinement. This was not the first time that PHI supported and collaborated with artists to create their projects. We can think of Vincent Morisset and his work Composition, recently presented at PHI Centre, or Brazilian artist Diego Galafassi and his installation Breathe, which had its world premiere at Sundance Festival in 2020.

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