November 23rd, 2022 | by Mathieu Gayet

PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM will launch on March 2023, 9th, on PICO 4 and Quest 2

Maze Theory is excited to announce its forthcoming VR narrative adventure game PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM will launch on Meta Quest 2 and PICO 4 on Thursday 9th March 2023.

The news comes as the studio lifted the lid on the game’s latest cinematic trailer last night at the 40th Golden Joystick Awards in London, with the video spot casting light on the world-famous TV series’ debut on VR, as well as the talents of the show’s stars Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson reprising their roles as the brothers Thomas and Arthur Shelby. 

The clock is ticking and the launch of Peaky Blinders’ TV series debut on VR is fast approaching. For fans of action-adventure and crime drama, PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM allows players to explore the gritty streets of 1920s Birmingham in an authentic Peaky Blinders virtual reality experience inspired by the hit TV drama series. We think this new trailer will give players an exciting glimpse of what’s to come in March.
- Tim Jones, Game Director at Maze Theory

At launch, PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM will offer:

  • Immersive World: Step into the mean streets of 1920s Birmingham and London and explore iconic locations from the show, including The Garrison pub, Charlie’s Yard, and Shelby’s Betting Shop.
  • Believable Characters: Come face-to-face with Tommy Shelby (voiced by Cillian Murphy) and Arthur Shelby (voiced by Paul Anderson) like never before. Interact with iconic characters as you uncover allegiances and confront your enemies.
  • Intense Action: Life in Small Heath is full of opportunity – and risk. Immerse yourself in dramatic action as you take down rivals and move up in the world.
  • Epic Crime Drama: On the run from the firing squad, you turn to the infamous Tommy Shelby for help, and soon find yourself at war once again. Your only hope at redemption is to defeat the odds and win at any cost… By order of the Peaky Blinders.

Inspired by the BAFTA-winning drama, PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM is an original story written in collaboration with Peaky Blinders’ producer and brand owner Caryn Mandabach Productions, and with series creator and writer Steven Knight. The game is created in partnership with the distributor, Banijay.

Built in Unity, PEAKY BLINDERS: THE KING'S RANSOM will launch on Meta Quest 2 and PICO 4 (in all markets where PICO is available, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea) on Thursday 9th March 2023 for £24.99/€29.99/$29.99.

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