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WebVR: belgian startup LucidWeb launches VR content distribution platform

LucidWeb, a leading WebVR and WebAR startup based in Brussels, expands its offering by launching its premium virtual reality distribution platform today at the 76th Venice Film Festival. The event will take place at the Brussels XR ecosystem presentation at Venice VR island, Lazzareto Vecchio, 14h20/Spazio Incontri.

LucidWeb Pro contributes to solving the distribution problem of 360° & VR content by making publishing and sharing easy and simple. New features will soon be added as the market evolves.

LucidWeb has worked with recognized leaders in content creation and media innovation worldwide such as Netapp (US), VRT (BE), and ARTE France as they all agree on the benefits of bringing their content to the browser. "We worked with LucidWeb to convert a VR experience into WebVR. This helped to lower the threshold for people to discover the story while maximising the sense of immersion across devices: mobile, desktop or VR headset," Adrien Larouzée (Head of Web Projects & Games, ARTE France).

What is LucidWeb Pro?

LucidWeb Pro is a browser-based white-labelled distribution platform. LucidWeb Pro has an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use and human-centric approach with a UX/UI design specifically optimised for web-based distribution. The platform stands out not only for its genuine design but for its well-defined selection of features that are key for translating any story into an immersive experience.

Broadcasters, publishers and VR/AR agencies are now able to have any 360°/VR content accessible for streaming via the browser on desktops, mobile devices, and VR headsets in one go. There is no need for an application. Stories are immediately one click away from the audience.

About the company

LucidWeb is a fast-growing WebVR startup based in Brussels with a mission to make 360°/VR content widely available. Allowing broadcasters such as VRT, ARTE France and RTE, publishers and VR/AR agencies to distribute unique branding and storytelling experiences through the browser. LucidWeb is lead by recognized experts in WebXR. Its board members recently welcomed an accomplished figure in the field of interactive content: Sarah Wolozin, the Director of the MIT Open Documentary Lab.

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