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Laval Virtual 2022⎪4 experiences not to be missed

The 24th edition of the Laval Virtual exhibition ended a week ago. The largest European exhibition on virtual and augmented reality offered to discover more than 150 international exhibitors. As every year, the event is an opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the immersive sector. Let's have a look at this 2022 edition with four experiences that you should not miss...

The virtual reality of tomorrow on the ReVolution pavilions

With the end of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Japanese universities were back this year! The ReVolution #Research pavilion highlights cutting-edge experiments that represent the future of innovation. Students from Kyoto Sangyo University presented The Human Mountainification project. Behind this enigmatic name lies an experience mixing virtual reality and haptic technology. A person represents a mountain and feels through haptics the phenomena of temperature and vibration triggered by the other user. An amazing experience that won the Laval Virtual Awards in its category.

The Human Mountainification @ Kyoto Sangyo

In the startup zone, several companies are digging their way into the immersive sector. We stopped at the 6thSenseVR booth. This young Parisian startup offers cinematic and multi-sensorial experiences centered around meditation to feel better at work. These short experiences have been designed in collaboration with sophrologists and socio-psychologists to reduce stress in the workplace. In the future, 6thSenseVR wants to use bio-feedbacks and artificial intelligence for unique experiences.


Holograms, avatars... it's time for teleportation

It was almost impossible to walk the aisles of the show without hearing the word that has been on everyone's lips for the past few months: metaverse. All companies have appropriated the term, rightly or wrongly. PatchXR sees this virtual world as an opportunity and an inexhaustible source of creation. The world of PatchXR allows musicians to create without physical limitations, sometimes even creating new art forms. Creators can organize events and invite friends and family to dive into their musical universe where their electronic compositions come to life.


On the technology side, Holoforge Interactive presents its Holoportation project. By putting on the Hololens 2 augmented reality headset, the hologram of a remote person appears in front of us. This holoportation technology goes beyond the simple audio call or video conference by dropping the screen between two interlocutors. Non-verbal communication is put back at the center of virtual social exchanges which become more real. An innovation that is in line with the times, following the upheaval of our social and professional exchanges. According to the company that created it, this experience can be used in the world of health, social, work and events. The Holoforge Interactive team also received an award for this innovation.


Once again, Laval Virtual did not disappoint; these 4 experiences being only a sample of the innovation present on site. With a 2022 edition, Laval Virtual has regained its international splendor before the pandemic. The event already invites us to meet next year, same dates, same place, for an incredible 25th anniversary edition. Save the date: April 12-14, 2023.

Laval Virtual Awards 2022

  • Recto VRso Art Festival : Meet Me Halfway (Anna Pompermaier)
  • Sports : King Pong (ICONIK)
  • Virtual Worlds : Virbe
  • Industry : EGCERSIS (IMT Mines Albi)
  • VR for a Cause : Eternal Notre-Dame (Orange / Emissive)
  • Services : Holoportation (HoloForge Interactive by Asobo Studio)
  • Education & Learning Content : RAFA (POLYAERO)
  • Entertainment & Media : JumpersVR (DELUSION)
  • Grand prize : DIVA (Decision and Bayesian Computation, Institut Pasteur, CNRS, Institut Prairie, Université de Paris)

Laval Virtual ReVolution Awards 2022

  • #Students - Limited Time : ESIR#SCALIAN
  • #Startups - Regional : Smile in the Light
  • #Startups - International : AVATAR MEDICAL
  • #Research : The Human Mountainification Project (Kyoto Sangyo University)
  • #Students - Demo : Celestrail (Isart Digital)

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