November 06th, 2022 | by Mathieu Gayet

Hyper Festival is back, this time in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada)

The Brazilian event Hyper Festival, founded by Fabio Hofnik (Brazilian XR curator and creator now based in Winnipeg, Ontario - also associated with the creation of XRMust), is moving to Canada for its new 2022 edition which will take place on November 26.

Hyper Canada is a one-of-a-kind conference designed to bring filmmakers, digital artists, engineers, architects, computer scientists and others together to explore the creative, commercial and technical possibilities of new emerging immersive digital arts.

Throughout a full day, topics such as digital media design, virtual reality, and interactive storytelling, will be explored with installations, immersive films, and creative technology exhibitions.

Hyper Canada is a new initiative to showcase local interactive digital artists, entrepreneurs, and creators, innovating in the industry. Round tables with the leaders in digital transformation, virtual and augmented reality and video game development in Manitoba will share their insights and challenges to inspire an audience that rarely has opportunities like this. Also HYPER is hosting a VR cinema session with selected Canadian experiences such as THE BOOK OF DISTANCE and JORDAN JONES DIES IN SPACE..
- Fabio Hofnik, Hyper Festival

Hyper VR Cinema


Hyper Conferences

Presented by New Media Manitoba


Moderated by Jonathan Lê (New Media Manitoba) 

  • Dan Blair (Bit Space Development)
  • Dee King (ZenFri)
  • Lesley Klassen (Flipside XR)
  • Noah Decter-Jackson (Complex Games)​

This opening panel presents a landscape of what artists, companies and researchers are creating in the interactive digital media industry in Manitoba

01:30 PM - TECH + ART = MAGIC
Moderated by Emma Hendrix (Video Pool Media Arts Centre ​Manufacturing Entertainment)

  • Casey Koyczan (interdisciplinary digital artist)
  • Taylor McArthur (Digital Artist)
  • Caity Curtis (Flipside XR)
  • Freya Olafson (intermedia artist)

The panel invites the audience to learn about how to create content using interactive digital technology, the artists will share their stories, and challenges and will inspire the attendees to create.


Presented by Online Business Systems


Moderated by  Diana Olynick (XR Magazine)

  • ​Kevin Paquin (Online Business Systems)
  • Sheila Harris (digital transformation consultant)

​Here is where the speakers share their envisioned future of interactive digital worlds. What is the so-called Metaverse? - What does it matter for the community? 

And more!

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