March 14th, 2023 | by Mathieu Gayet

European Creators’ Lab: What to Expect In 2023 (Call for Applications)

The European Creators' Lab, a true epicenter of innovation in immersive storytelling, returns in a consolidated formula in 2023. With several meetings in different territories, Astrid Kahmke and her team are giving a new rendez-vous to young creators who want to develop new projects in the industry.

3 questions to… Mads Damsbo

Mads Damsbo is the European Creators Lab Head of Studies. Founder and creative producer at Makropol, an innovative production studio based in Copenhagen, Mads focuses on developing unheard narratives, utilizing emerging technology, provoking unexpected emotions and experiences in diverse audiences.

What profiles are you looking for as applicants to The European Creators Lab?

We are totally open to all types of backgrounds and skills. This is the strength of the Development Lab: to have the widest possible range of profiles so that everyone can contribute their expertise and point of view and, through an iterative process, generate a positive and benevolent emulation.


Why is it so important to focus on storytelling before jumping into using immersive technologies?

That's the key. I often receive ideas that incorporate immersive technologies right off the bat. I want to say "Why? It's crucial to get away from any technological hold to, first and foremost, develop a GOOD story. The technology will come later, naturally if I dare say so...

How is #EUCL23 different from other XR training programs?

This program is unique in that it allows participants to take one, two or three of the labs offered. The Development Lab is dedicated to the emergence of ideas and stories without the use of technology. The residency offers the possibility to go further in the development by starting to integrate one or more technologies in the projects. And the Prototyping Lab aims to realize a PoC or a concept to present it to potential distributors.

European Creators’ Lab: Call for applications open!

Spatial creation, immersive storytelling, UX design – The European Creators’ Lab (EUCL) are an inspiring sandbox for creative minds and visionary artists to explore the opportunities that prepare the soil for future narratives.

The European Creators’ Lab is opened to European creatives with various profiles for greater peer-to-peer emulation. We address everyone curious and creative!

XR producers and creators, creative technologists, filmmakers, scriptwriters, performing artists, fine artists, game developers, journalists, communication professionals from the fields of marketing and advertising, museum and arts curators, lecturers, storytellers, film or stage directors. No project required to participate!

Find the Application form here.


Development Lab next June in France

From June 9 to 13, 2023, in in the Greater Lyon area, in France, hosted by Pole PIXEL, The Development Lab at #EUCL23 will welcome participants to focus on storytelling, UX design, and the creative challenges of immersive narrative worlds, knowledge transfer, international networking, and enriching interdisciplinary collaboration. This 5-day program will be preceded by two online masterclasses between May 29 and June 5, 2023.

The DEVELOPMENT LAB hosts participants and internationally acknowledged mentors and creators from all over Europe and worldwide. Packed with intense expert sessions and masterclasses, you will find a safe space to learn, explore, experiment and collaborate – in a non-competitive, multi-disciplinary, creative environment, where you develop ideas, level up your storytelling skills, start new projects and make friends with the European VR family.

  • Learn how to master the new grammar of immersive storytelling.
  • Ideate and develop a project with fellow participants from all over Europe
  • Share your professional insights as an artist, a creator
  • Benefit from our alumni network and become part of the European XR family!

Early Birds and scholarships: don’t miss opportunities

You can benefit from a Early Birds rate by applying now via the application form. Don’t miss opportunities to co-create with peers, expand your international network and develop your immersive projects! The deadline for Early Birds rate is March, 22 12 am CET (Regular Deadline: 16.04.2023, 12 am CET).

The Development Lab at #EUCL23 provide a small number of scholarships. Following the specifications of Creative Europe Media, citizens with the following nationality are eligible to apply: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Republic of Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Scholarships are freed from participation fee.

The EUCL is organized by IONDA GmbH, in cooperation with Pôle PIXEL, and the Office for the Economic Development of the City of Leipzig, as well as the Games & XR Verband Mitteldeutschland e.V., co-funded by the Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union.

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