December 11th, 2020 | by Fabio Hofnik

Editorial: MYST is back, this time in virtual reality!

The year is 1993, PC games are not really trying to look better since the '80s, 3D graphics are quite limited and the point-and-click genre is dominating the CD-ROM titles on shelves. A small yet very innovative company called CYAN developed a story-driven interactive adventure that would change the industry forever.

Fast forward to December 2020, the same company is still alive, still independent, and almost always making their fan base happy. After 5 MYST sequels, including a multiplayer one that still exists thanks to many volunteers that keeps alternative servers running, CYAN brings us MYST VR, the remake of the original title, only in VR.

No, I'm wrong, this is not a remake, they reimagined the game, and design it again, within Unreal Engine, for VR. This is a new game, yet the same.

Instead of a cursor that changes from a finger-pointing hand to an open hand, to an icon representing the object you are holding, in VR we have hands, we interact with the environment and we play the puzzles.

This time, the puzzles can be randomized, so if you are a hardcore fan that has the cabin safe code memorized, or the voltage needed to power the ship writen down on your 90's notes, you have to figure out the puzzles again.

MYST is a masterpiece, it's a giant escape room style that starts on a strange island and transports the player to other magical worlds, which they call ages.

For now, MYST VR is an Oculus Quest title, they are working on PC VR and other platforms, the release date is still to be determined.

Cyan, the company the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller created also developed OBDUCTION, a PC VR game made in 2016 and are working on their next one, called FIRMAMENT.

If you never played the original or the sequels, you'll be mesmerized by MYST VR. If you are an old folk like me that loved the old 256-coloured ones and loves VR, you'll love it!

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