June 07th, 2021 | by Mathieu Gayet

After KNOT at Tribeca Immersive, Darkfield launched itself as a 100% digital audio platform for the US

Realscape Productions and DARKFIELD announce the arrival of DARKFIELD RADIO USA, taking their innovative audio experiences to audiences in homes across America.

DARKFIELD RADIO is a digital project that distills DARKFIELD’s signature 360o audio experiences into an intense and communal at-home encounter. Audiences can access each show via the Darkfield Radio App, using their smartphone and headphones.

As COVID-19 continues to cause closures impacting the Arts Industry across the globe, introducing DARKFIELD Radio was a logical step for UK Creators David Rosenberg and Glen Neath. DARKFIELD RADIO allows the audience to participate in the unique immersive audio shows within the safety and comfort of their homes, in a time where options for location-based theatrical entertainment are limited.

In the saturation of on-screen entertainment, this theatrical experience for the ears offers something strange and different...

Introducing 3 shows: DOUBLE, VISITORS, and ETERNAL.

As with all DARKFIELD experiences, a strange world is built from 360 degree (binaural) sound that perplexes the senses, deepening the immersion by casting doubt on what is real and what is imagined. In DOUBLE, audiences will be instructed to sit opposite each other on either side of a kitchen table, for VISITORS- a living room, or alone in bed for ETERNAL. Participants will be replicated in hundreds of rooms across America, listening to a simultaneous broadcast over 20 minutes.

DOUBLE is a troubling exercise in familiarity that explores the Capgras delusion, a condition in which the sufferer is convinced that a loved one has been replaced by an exact replica with malign intentions. There is only one rule: everyone has to be who they say they are. DOUBLEmade history as the first audio-only experience to be selected for the Venice International Film Festival - one of the three most prestigious film festivals in the world. (see our interview)

VISITORS introduces a dead couple into the audience’s home, looking for a temporary solution to their permanent condition. “We didn’t know where else to go...”. VISITORS is a reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch and why the dead find so little comfort in the world of the living. VISITORS has been confirmed as joining the Official Selection for the Raindance Film Festival 2020 and nominated for two awards - Outstanding Achievement in Audio and Best Narrative.

ETERNAL, the third show to be released, and is designed for one person to experience alone in their bed. The show explores the lure of eternal life, and what you would willingly give up to achieve it. ETERNAL is inspired by Bram Stoker’s renowned work, Dracula, after originally being commissioned by Bram Stoker Festival.

DARKFIELD originally started as a collection of multi-sensory audio experiences in complete darkness. FLIGHT, SEANCE and COMA, created by UK-based creative directors and Darkfield founders Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, take place inside purpose-built shipping containers and use binaural audio, sensory deprivation and special effects to place the audience at the center of a narrative completely at odds with the space it occupies.

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