Where There’s Smoke

120 min
1 episode
Where There’s Smoke mixes live documentary, immersive theatre and elements of an escape room to create an experience that explores life, memory and loss. Set within the aftermath of a blaze, participants race to determine the cause of a tragic fire by sifting through the charred remains.

Where There’s Smoke combines interactive documentary, immersive theatre and the online tools that have kept us connected through COVID-19 to weave a resonant story about life, loss and memory. Using Zoom and Miro, participants are invited to explore a decades-long family mystery, a heartbreaking journey through end-of-life care and a collective imagining about how stories can be used to create empathetic spaces for connecting, grieving and healing. Presented in collaboration with Columbia School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab and Dr. Deborah Starr from the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University.

General informations

Director :
Lance Weiler

Production companies :
Weiler Productions
Partner companies :
Columbia DSL

Crew & cast

Executive Producer :
Mary Beth O’Connor , Carl Moellenberg
Sound designer :
Peter English , Jeff Gregorio
Interactive Designer :
Nick Fortugno