20 min
1 episode
What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis?

With a comedic twist, UTURN is an immersive live-action VR series where you get to experience both sides of the gender divide. We aim to raise engagement towards gender diversity through this inclusive experience.

UTURN innovates by placing the viewers in the middle of two intertwined stories, told from a female or a male character perspective. Viewers can choose what perspective to watch at any time. Only the scene being looked at can be heard through a unique spatial sound design. Whatever they miss changes their perspective on the overall story.

General informations

Director :
Ryan Lynch
Writer :
Ryan Lynch
Producer :
Justin Chin , Ryan Lynch

Production companies :

Crew & cast

Executive Producer :
Nathalie Mathe , Justin Chin
Line producer :
Jessica Jones
Sound editor :
Shaun Farley
Cinematographer :
Justin Chin , Justin Chin
Created by :
Justin Chin , Nathalie Mathe
Creative Director :
Nathalie Mathe