The Scream VR

15 min
1 episode
The most famous of paintings unleashes its demons.

Edvard Munch’s The Scream is omnipresent. The famous face distorted by terror has fired our imaginations so greatly that it has become the universal symbol of dread. Are you ready to unleash the secrets of the most famous « scream » in art history?

Alone in an empty museum, you find yourself face to face with the painting. Do you dare touch it? Take care: demons and phantoms will spring from the canvas and drag you into the depths of the artist’s tortured mind.

Based on the painting, The Scream VR carries the user away to explore the painter’s obsessions and work. This interactive and sensory virtual-reality experience unfolds in three chapters, presenting a unique interpretation of the Expressionist masterpiece.

General informations

Producer :
David Bigiaoui

Original title :
Le Cri VR

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive
Genres :
Documentary, Arte Trips

Production companies :
Cinétévé Experience, Arte France
Financial partners :
Région Sud
Partner companies :
BackLight Studio

Crew & cast

Sound designer :
Franck Weber
Composer :
Franck Weber
Concept Artist :