45 min
1 episode
Terrain is a new kind of global community built with nonverbal language. It unites us through our shared experience of the body. This docu-dream is a story without words using the language of movement. Through a vivid and surreal landscape, each person encounters a series of distinct individuals and slowly rediscovers a larger collective body.

We experience this world through the eyes of one woman in the streets of Berlin. Lily falls and breaks into a watery otherworld: The Bardo. She loses the body she’s always known and slips through the cracks, encountering a broad array of different people from across the globe. Through a surreal and kinetic sequencing, each person rejoins the collective body, a dance of unison through difference. This climactic togetherness nally allows Lily to swim back up through the cracks, and into the street once again.

Selected at this year’s VR competition at the Venice Film Festival and directed by Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld, Co-Founder of Oculus Story Studio, Terrain is a narrative VR project, social and interactive, bringing together the lives and realities of multiple protagonists, environments, different genres and cultures. This new interconnectedness propels us back to life again, essentialized by our shared sense of interbeing.

This work creates a new kind of community with an experimental union of art and technology. It invites us to be more aware of our bodies, and to find belonging in something larger than ourselves—a global us that needs attention and love. Terrain presents the unknown as an ally and is meant to inspire new means for collective intimacy.
- Lily Baldwin & Saschka Unseld

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