Séance 129

7 min
1 episode
November 11, 1918. 4 pm. Seance 129.

In France’s National Assembly, President Clemenceau announces an Armistice which frees the world of a conflict that has been wreaking destruction for 4 years. Before him, wild with joy and full of hope for the new peace are a host of members of parliament, journalists, Parisians… and you.

SEANCE 129 is a free interpretation of Georges Clemenceau’s speech; an immersive experience that, 100 years later, gives you the chance to share the indescribable fervor of that historic moment.

General informations

Director :
Alexandre Perez
Writer :
Joffrey Lavigne

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video

Crew & cast

Cinematographer :
Thomas Jacquet