The Residents - Inside a Circle of Dreams

17 min
1 episode

Long known for their experiments connecting cutting-edge technology and music, The Residents are once again breaking new ground; this time their focus is stereoscopic 360-degree immersive video. Having connected with 3D graphics pioneer Gary Yost, visual effects artist David Lawrence and legendary producer Starr Sutherland, the group is reinventing the concept of a “live” video by completely re-creating the environment in which they are performing. The Residents have invited four internationally-known artists to replace the audience and venue with animation inspired by the songs. It’s The Residents at their best – in VR!

General informations

Production companies :
Atypical Project

Crew & cast

Executive Producer :
Starr Sutherland
Sound designer :
John Karr
Cinematographer :
Gary Yost
Co-Producer :
David Lawrence , Gary Yost