Red Tail

7 min
1 episode
At a train station floating in the cloud, a mysterious red tail catches the boy’s attention. Chasing the red tail, the boy has traveled through countless magical places, ran into the bizarre creatures, and finally he meets the gentleman, who seems to know his secrets more than he does. When the red tail reminds the boy of his own memory and sadness, what’s the secrets hiding behind, and where will it lead him next?

A boy is always chasing a red tail. After passing through many magical cities, extremely exhausted, he finds himself waking up in a gentleman’s room. It turns out that the red tail is a fish, which is formed by the boy’s own blood. The red tail reminds the boy that the fish is his own sadness that he tries to break loose from. In the end, his tears revive the fish and he makes peace with his own sadness.

General informations

Director :

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive

Language(s) :
Mandarin Chinese, English (US)