45 min
1 episode
3 live streams - Swipe to choose - Republique is an interactive movie. The fiction unfolds through three simultaneous video feeds, each one mimicking a social media live feed. At any time, the user can drag his finger across the screen to switch from one feed to another. Between the panic of the moment, the comments from followers, and the occasional loss of signal, the viewer is immersed in the flow of wide-ranging sources of information that flood our perception of reality whenever such an attack occurs.

Follow two young YouTubers lost in the entrails of the Paris metro.

Discover how two young lawyers caught in the crossfire save an injured man’s life.

Accompany Nora in her search for her missing husband.

They don’t yet know it, but in a few moments their fates will be bound by a terrorist attack that will change their lives. In a matter of seconds, they will enter a dark place.

General informations

Director :
Simon Bouisson

Type :
App (iOS, Android)

Crew & cast

Script supervisor :
Christelle Meaux
Film editor :
Vincent Tricon
Cinematographer :
Ludovic Zuili