Privy To: Explorations in Intimacy and Isolation

30 min
1 episode
‘Privy To’ is an innovative audiovisual live performance using brainwave mapping technology to explore the mind and our privacy.

If we want to protect privacy, we must first seek to understand what it is. How can we be vulnerable in a world where intimate exchange readily becomes public? Technology has forced us into digital interactions with no protection. How does that change how we now speak to each other, or how close we can get? Artist and composer Jason Snell, in collaboration with creative director Michelle Leddon and the Assembly of Privacy Doxographers, will present an innovative live performance using EEG (brainwave mapping technology) and audiovisual representation to explore the mind in three states: the artist in isolation, in intimate conversation, and exposed to an audience of strangers. We invite you, the audience, to use your presence to examine and alter the conscious and sometimes treacherous transitions we all must make in the world when crossing these boundaries. Privacy requires trust but have we confused trust with faith?

General informations

Type :
Live Performance

Crew & cast

Creative Director :
Michelle Leddon
Creative Technologist :
Jason J. Snell