POV: Points of View

35 min
6 episodes
LOS ANGELES 2025: After serving two years in prison for biometric hacking. Cassius Moore, a 21 year old black male, qualifies for early release under a new federal drone program. He is assigned to an artificially intelligent weaponized drone to follow him around and record his every move. Part of Juneteenth programming.

A hyper-digital scifi virtual reality series immersed in a near future Los Angeles where personal data is the new currency and weaponized A.I. Police drones enforce the law.

POV: Points Of View is a Sci-Fi VR Series & Installation developed to experience the systemic threat of bias in A.I, Artificial Intelligence. AI’s are machines that learn from US. The unconscious bias being programmed into their code right now could easily replicate into systems of oppression. Our goal with POV is to raise awareness of the dangers we face and use it to affect real change, before it’s too late.

General informations

Director :
Alton Glass
Key collaborator :
Donovan DeBoer

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video

Production companies :
GRX Immersive Labs