Nine VR: Come See Me

24 min
1 episode
Two participants connected in real time coexist in the same space, each assuming the role of ‘Me in the past’ and ‘Me in the present’. I must find clues buried in my memory to find a way back to 1999 before my young self erases everything I cherish.

Nine VR : Come See Me is a Cinematic VR Experience that fuses social VR experience with cinematic narrative. Unaware of each other’s presence, two participants each assumes the role of ‘Me in the present’ and ‘Me in 1999’ and coexist in the same space but following two unique stories respectively. As ‘Me in the present’ starts to look for clues about why the present reality starts to fall apart, the two storylines cross and finally they encounter each other. Nine VR sets up the stage for the participants to explore and sense each other’s mysterious presence as they become invested in the world of two interwoven realities.

General informations

Director :
Minhyuk Che

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive

Production companies :
CJ innovation Lab, Maniamind
Language(s) :
Korean, English (US)