20 min
1 episode
Award-winning Baobab Studios presents, Namoo (Korean for “Tree”) a narrative poem come to life as an immersive animated film directed by Erick Oh (Winner 2018 Annecy Cristal Award PIG: The Dam Keeper Poems). Inspired by Erick’s grandfather; Namoo follows the meaningful moments of one man’s life. The tree starts as a seed and eventually grows into a fully mature tree, collecting meaningful objects that represent positive and painful memories in its branches. This visually rich film was created with Quill, the real-time VR animation tool realizing the filmmaker’s artistic vision. Namoo is a deeply personal yet surprisingly universal film that will undoubtedly resonate with each viewer.

General informations

Director :
Erick Oh

Type :
Virtual Reality - 6DOF
Genres :

Production companies :
Baobab Studios
Shooting locations :