5×1 - Mr. Buddha

19 min
1 episode
This is a short crime story about Dong-Tzu, Ching-Tsai, and Ni-Sang who get their hand on valuable antique only to have the fruit of their labor shared with the newcomer A-Che as per Dong-Tzu’s request.

Each must make their own plans in the car. The viewer is confined to the space in the car to find connections to the final journey of the four outlaws. The viewer explores the enclosed VR setting with the real-time storytelling of a long take in traditional films. The viewer is provided with a more direct experience with the work which generates more effective tension than traditional editing.

General informations

Director :
Lee Chung

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video
Genres :
Comedy, 5x1, Action

Production companies :
HTC Vive, Funique VR