9 min
3 episodes
Sent to an unknown planet young exo-biologist Claris is alone aboard her pod when she violently crash lands.

While trying as best she can to find the other members of her team, she  receives the first 'signal’ generated by the planet itself. Mirror is a journey to another planet. It is also, above all, the journey through the sentimental landscape of a woman who has experienced a tragedy. We retrace the main protagonist’s history through her memories to understand her quest. Her loneliness.

Mirror tells the story of grief and this planet is a metaphor for the feeling of nostalgia. It is humid, cold, and at times reveals beautiful things. That's exactly how I see nostalgia, a pain as fine as a small autumn rain with clearings. Mirror is also a planet that reacts to human or animal contact. During the crash, Claris discovers that the earth has almost spread out in its path, which is what we will discover as the story progresses. Mirror lives, it breathes in contact with the beings who travel through it. Scientists have seen it as a liveable world for human beings, but it feeds on the most precious things we have, our feelings, our emotions, our memories. An arid planet at first glance, it will become more and more human as the Claris progresses.
- Pierre Zandrowicz

General informations

Director :
Pierre Zandrowicz

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive
Genres :
Space, Science-Fiction

Production companies :
Atlas V, Versus Production
Partner companies :
Albyon Studio
Language(s) :
English (US)

Crew & cast

Cast :
Zita Hanrot
Sound designer :
Christopher Knight
Composer :
Christopher Knight