Minimum Mass

20 min
1 episode
Love, loss, and black holes. Minimum Mass is the story of couple who experience a series of miscarriages and come to believe their children are being born in another dimension. Set in contemporary Rotorua, New Zealand and the speculative world of black holes, it is a 20 minute interactive narrative virtual reality.

Minimum Mass takes place in a real-time, photorealistic computer generated story world and has been developed as an in-headset experience.

In Minimum Mass, how the participant interacts with the story can only be guided, not controlled. The design of the experience is inherently at odds with the agency of the participant. This is the core tension of virtual reality, and one which we find incredibly challenging and exciting because our experience of time is at the very centre of it.

General informations

Genres :
Animation, Drama, Film noir

Production companies :
Floréal Films, Like Amber
Language(s) :
English (US)

Crew & cast

Visual effects supervisor :
Sunny Teich
Sound designer :
Jimi Wilson
Composer :
Brendan Angelides
Cinematographer :
Raqi Syed