Mandala: A Brief Moment In Time

30 min
1 episode
By entering an ancient Buddhist temple, the spectators are offered the opportunity to create altogether a shape of light, a bright and colorful mandala. Depending on their movements, choices and collaboration, each drawing will be unique.

The energy instilled in their mandala will awake fantastic creatures, heroes from a Chinese folktale: WuKong the monkey king and Erlang Shen, the heaven’s soldier. They will guide the audience into the mandala, putting them to test and pushing them to reflect on their own life in the process.

The fantastic characters are played by an actor in live motion-capture, delivering a unique, taylor-made and extremely immersive experience, using the Buddhist mythology as a background.

General informations

Director :
Thomas Villepoux
Producer :
François Klein

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive

Production companies :
Digital Rise, Sandman Studios
Partner companies :
Sandbox Immersive Film Festival