Le Bal de Paris

90 min
1 episode
Le Bal de Paris is a highly immersive VR experience created by Blanca Li.

In a dream-like world, the spectators become characters invited to dance all along the play: a waltz and a cancan.

They will be accompanied by dancers present both in the virtual and in the real world in order to increase interactions, to guide them and to conduct the plot in real time. The full experience will last about an hour and a half, including 35 minutes in VR. The diving in the virtual universe will be progressive thanks to a real ball thought as a transition to enter and exit softly the VR experience.

The aesthetic is at the center of the project, Blanca Li and her partners are designing a festive imaginary world inhabited by all kinds of creatures. Everyone will be free to dance, live the experience his own way and interact with whom he wishes. It will be a collective and participatory experience.

General informations

Director :
Blanca Li

Language(s) :
French, Spanish, English (US)

Crew & cast

Composer :
Tao Gutierrez
Visual Creation Director :
Vincent Chazal