Komez Alef O

18 min
1 episode
The Holocaust survivor Zalmon A. “Victor” Isserlis takes the viewer on a deeply personal VR journey through his memories of the Second World War: The trauma of the Holocaust, the trauma of war and the trauma of being forcefully uprooted from home. His story, told in his own voice, is the one of despair and hope during the most terrifying time in modern history. The experience is guided by audio recordings of Victor’s testimonies and supported by stylized visualizations of his memories that are both re-created through his recollections and reimagined through his daughter who grew up with and inherited his memories.

General informations

Director :
Ioulia Isserlis

Production companies :
AnotherWorld VR

Crew & cast

Executive Producer :
Ioulia Isserlis
Sound designer :
Takuro Sakamoto
Composer :
Takuro Sakamoto