15 min
3 episodes
JAILBIRDS takes place in a modern hell prison ruled by a vicious CHIEF WARDEN. But in this living nightmare one guy, FELIX. One tall, muscular gang member is always happy. He lives in serenity and peace of the mind spending his days between crayon drawings and meditation. It enrages the CHIEF WARDEN. For him, the inmates are here to suffer and pay their debt to society. So he’ll do everything he can to discover Felix’s secret. It’s through BOOKER, Felix’s cellmate that CHIEF WARDEN will discover the truth: Every nights FELIX drinks a potion made by his grandmother and his eyeballs deploy dragonfly wings and fly out of his body to see the outside world. FELIX is a free man in jail.

JAILBIRDS is a NARRATIVE EXPERIENCE designed to be both a 3 times 5 minutes ROOM-SCALE VR series and a S3D animation short film.

It’s an adaptation written and directed by Thomas Villepoux from the comics story PAULOT S’EVADE by Belgian Author Philippe FOERSTER . Published in 1988 in the french satiristic magazine FLUIDE GLACIAL.

JAILBIRDS is an expressionist experience where the immersion is done in a universe sometimes dreamlike and sometimes nightmarish. It is a bittersweet, ironic fantasy tale about the freedom of men, alternating between claustrophobic sequences within a prison and frenzied flights through beautiful landscapes.

The freedom of movement offered by the 6 degrees of freedom devices (Oculus, PSVR, HTC VIVE), takes on a special meaning with JAILBIRDS. It becomes a new tool of narration, a possibility to intentionally frustrate the spectator, to build envy and offer additional symbolism in which the spectator is involved.

General informations

Director :
Thomas Villepoux
Producer :
François Klein
Key collaborator :
Fred Resmusat , Jef Dehouse

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive

Production companies :
Digital Rise, Be Revolution Pictures
Partner companies :
Reverse Engineering Studio

Crew & cast