In My Own Skin

45 min
1 episode
Explore an interactive photography exhibition in VRChat which examines the performance of identity.

‘In My Own Skin’ is an interactive documentary photography project which examines the performance of identity. Amateur models were asked to choose a unique, handmade garment, created by Mumbai textile artist Loise Braganza, that represented who they really are and be photographed by Tagger Yancey IV in their own homes. The interactive installation, housed in VRChat (accessible by VR headset and via PC), purposefully rejects a passive, “neutral” viewing experience. Rather, the photos are placed in archetypal architectural structures, complicating any easy reading of identity. Moving through the structure, visitors “undress” the photograph and, in doing so, confront their own preconceived categories of identity. Visitors to the exhibition choose a customized avatar, thus becoming the de facto model/performers in the exhibition.

General informations

Director :
Illya Szilak
Producer :
Illya Szilak

Type :
Live Performance

Crew & cast

Production designer :
Loise Braganza
Creative Director :
Cyril Tsiboulski
VR Technical Director :
Cyril Tsiboulski
Photographer :
Tagger Yancey IV