If These Streets Could Talk

20 min
1 episode
If These Streets Could Talk is a 25-minutes-long immersive AR experience on the streets of Budapest’s former Jewish District that brings the era and the stories of the 1945 ghetto to life. It’s an interactive, active storyliving experience where the participant chooses a goal (either to escape or to find a hiding place – in other words: to survive*) and navigates the streets of the current Budapest as if they were in the 1945 Ghetto, with the help of localized overlays and holograms, through a series of interactions with documented events and people from the era. As the immersant works their way forward to survive in the ghetto, they live through a piece of history of that particular space, and by that, they bring the wiped out history of the district back to life.

General informations

Director :
Barna Szász