How Is The Water

10 min
1 episode
How is the Water is an interactive 6DOF VR experience and is also produced as a dolphin life simulation and adventure VR game. Through sound and movement, which are modeled on the dolphin with a unique locomotion technology, you completely immerse yourself in a new existence and experience the underwater world with the eyes of a dolphin.

Together with the members of your dolphin family you explore a beautiful underwater world. Get to know wondrous animals in a colorful reef environment and understand how they live and what role they play in the ecosystem. Importantly, in addition to the beauty of the ocean and its worthiness of protection, How is the Water emphasizes the destructive anthropogenic impact that change our oceans. It swaps the human perspective on issues such as plastic pollution and overfishing for the dolphin’s perspective, evokes empathy and understanding for the marine life, and connects people to this strange and arcane environment to trigger ocean protection measures!

General informations

Producer :
Michal Lovecký

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video, Virtual Reality - Interactive

Production companies :
Cyan Planet
Budget :