(Hi)story of a Painting

13 min
1 episode
(Hi)story of a Painting – What’s the Point?”, narrated by Speech Debelle, is the first episode of an animated VR and 360 series. It journeys into the story behind La Grande Jatte, an iconic painting by Georges Seurat that we all know but don’t actually truly know… until now. Follow us as we learn how Georges went from underdog to world-renowned artist.

Its aim is to engage young audiences with art by creating accessible and relatable experiences focused on the human stories behind some of the world’s most iconic art. We want to inspire young and new audiences through the stories of our featured artists’ struggles and successes.

The pilot focuses on Georges Seurat and his iconic painting “La Grande Jatte” – it dives into the stories behind the painting and looks at the man behind the painting and his journey from underdog to icon.

The experience in VR gives the viewer a chance to actively engage with the story by discovering and activating “story bonuses”. The VR environment gives the viewer a sense of scale of the artwork, allowing anyone, from anywhere in the world, to form an intimate bond with each featured piece.

“(Hi)story of a Painting – What’s the Point?” establishes the overall tone of the series - informal, appealing, relatable and shows that an artist can come from anywhere.

General informations

Writer :
Gaëlle Mourre
Producer :
Gaëlle Mourre

Production companies :
Fat Red Bird, Monkey Frame
Partner companies :

Crew & cast

Dialogue editor :
Ben Leeves
Animation :
Quentin Darras
Co-Producer :
Charlotte Mikkelborg
VR Technical Director :
Quentin Darras
Art Consultant :
Dominique Darras
Audio Producer :
Larissa Miola
Narrator :
Speech Debelle