Goodbye Mr. Octopus

8 min
1 episode
From the novel by Éléonore Mallo

Stella lives alone with her overprotective father Leonard. Stella’s mother Liv hardly raised her as she is an accomplished anthropologist and biologist star living and working on the other side of the world. On her birthday, Stella’s father refuses to let her participate in a very important football tournament in Australia. Upset, she is ready to give up, when she gets help in the most unexpected way: a letter from her mother. 

The experience is a linear story, where the characters evolve physically. The scale of the experience is smaller than actual scale, like a diorama. The audience’s journey will evolve from the joy of Stella of her birthday, her teenager conflictual relationship with her father, to the surprise of her origins; the understanding of her parents, and the new emotional dimension she sets her family in.
- Amaury Campion

General informations

Director :
Amaury Campion

Production companies :
Atlas V, Studio Geppetto
Language(s) :
English (US)

Crew & cast

Production sound mixer :
Clément Cerles
Composer :
Peter Sandberg
Foley artist :
Éléonore Mallo
Screenplay :
Lily Lambert
Background design :
Betty Sourigues , Thibaut Denise
Character Design :
Magdalina Dianova
Adapted from :
Éléonore Mallo