20 min
1 episode

Inspired by the 200th anniversary of Shelley’s seminal text, this participatory installation explores our relationship to the ubiquitous and emerging technology of artificial intelligence. Participants are prompted to reveal their memories, emotions, fears, and hopes to an AI while it attempts to learn about humanity from those who participate.

Over the next two years, Lance, Nick Fortugno and Rachel Ginsberg along with over 2,000 global collaborators will design, build and run an immersive adaption of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Lance is leading the experience design and serving as the program’s creative director/producer. The goal of Frankenstein AI is to challenge the authorship and ownership of stories while also utilizing literature, story and code in an effort to better understand the implications of emergent technologies. Together participants from around the globe will utilize AI, machine learning, robotics, bioengineering and the Internet of Things to create a monster made by many.

General informations

Director :
Lance Weiler

Original title :

Type :
Live Performance
Genres :
Experimental, Horror

Crew & cast

Creative Director :
Lance Weiler