4 min
3 episodes
This delightfully humorous and incisive augmented-reality animated series provokes conversations about the value society places on money. From bills to coins, money has no intrinsic value beyond what we’ve collectively agreed to grant it. However, there’s no denying that money governs our material and cultural lives. Just ask Frank Bourassa, the world's greatest counterfeiter.

Fortune! is an augmented-reality documentary series about money and wealth for mobile and social media platforms. It will playfully question our understanding and relationship with money and its shifting role in contemporary society. In this series, short augmented-reality scenes and characters come to life using two things we all carry in our pockets: banknotes and our phone. Fortune! will leverage AR to appeal to audiences who recognize the fast-approaching novelty of paper bills and coins in a world of digital transactions.

Written by Brett Gaylor, the first episode in the series, The Ballad of Frank Bourassa. tells the story of the world’s greatest counterfeiter: Frank Bourassa from Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

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