20 min
1 episode
Elliott is paralyzed by doubt. Tomorrow he must go to Emma, far, far away from here. But on the eve of his departure, a strange meeting will change his future.

At a bus stop at dusk, the doubts of two men fascinated and paralyzed by the unknown intertwine. EMMA is an animated graphic novel that explores a unique musical and visual landscape. With its short and immersive format, EMMA reveals a world that’s both simple and familiar, transformed by a fascination with space and infinity, where everything is yet to be discovered.

General informations

Producer :
David Bigiaoui

Type :
App (iOS, Android)
Genres :
Animation, Science Fiction, Graphic Novel

Production companies :
Cinétévé Experience, Hiver Prod
Distributed by :
Plug In Digital
Language(s) :
French, German, English (US)

Crew & cast

Composer :
Gregoire Pastre