10 min
1 episode
“Cosmogonic” is an adaptation of a fable entitled “Uranium Earpieces” written by Stanislaw Lem.

To be close to Lem’s vision we will use the illustrations created by Daniel Mroz whose drawings of the robots were originally published in the first edition of the book, “Fables for Robots” in 1964. We imagine that our VR devices will plug into the big, old, robot head of the Cosmogonic, and the audience will have the sensation of watching his memories. The story of the robots will be told by the Cosmogonic voiceover, narrated as a retrospection on his adventures during his journey through the galaxy and which will guide the viewer.

We want to create an experience of a robot universe with stunning visual references to the machines – created more than 50 years ago but still fascinating today with their surreal forms and elaborate shapes. We want to premiere Cosmonognic in 2021 at the 100 years anniversary of author Solari’s birthday.

General informations

Director :
Paweł Szarzyński
Producer :
Marta Szarzynska

Production companies :
Kinhouse Studio
Budget :

Crew & cast

3D Modeler :
Igor Zukowicz